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TV series and specials

Our work includes a large number of the best known traditionally animated children's TV series of the last 20 years. Our animated television series include the recent BBC series Tiny Tumble, The First Snow of Winter, William's Wish Wellingtons, Angel Mouse and many more TV favourites.

Here are a few examples....

We'll be adding more work to this page shortly, meanwhile see below a list of TV Series, TV Specials and Pilots which we have worked on in various roles: - as director, animator, character designer, storyboard & layout artist, colour & rendering director.

Television Series

Tiny Tumble

Muffin the Mule

The Magic Roundabout


William’s Wish Wellingtons

The Forgotten Toys

The Raggy Dolls

Snailsbury Tales

Microscopic Milton

Philbert the Frog

BB3B (Sprogs)

Teddy Trucks

Bounty Hamster

Zot the Dog

Television Specials

So Many Santas

The First Snow of Winter

Second Star to the Left

The Forgotten Toys




Jumpin’ Jupiter.

Uncle Birthday.

Snailsbury Tales.

Little Merlin.





Sausage and Mash.


Freud book Illustration

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